address3 Folabi Oyeyemi Close, Ikota Villa Estate, Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria.

Our Story

Tired of dealing with high or fixed rents, or having to sweat so hard to find the right accommodation for you, your buddy, co-worker, or loved one? Or maybe you just need a living space for a short stay in the city – a space that affords you uber comfort, affordability plus flexibility, exactly the way you want it?
That’s where our story connects with your needs. At High Garden Hostels, we believe living spaces should be tailored to meet your needs right from the start. That’s why we pioneered an innovative, out-of-thenorm approach in Nigeria to deliver custom living spaces to our growing tribe of guests. With our proprietary solution, we successfully combined the trio qualities of comfort, affordability and flexibility to deliver living spaces custom-made for you. Okay, let’s just say with us, you never have to worry about fixed or expensive rents ever again!
Whether you are looking for a place to stay for a year or a week, or you just moved into town and need an affordable space to help you settle in, we have exactly what you need. While others treat you like a tenant, for us, you are part of our special tribe – a tribe of unique people with the freedom to become all they want to be.
We are not your typical real estates or hotels. We are unique, because you are unique. We don’t bore you with lawyer fees, tons of paper work, hidden charges, or crazy house repair costs! Leave all of those to us.
We have gone ahead to do all the heavy lifting for you from start to finish so you never have to worry or deal with them. Simply walk in into our hostel and enjoy your stay, as simple as that! We can’t wait to serve you!